Short Term Resident

It is 15 days, 30days and 90 days, three kinds of type of a short stay during the residence period.
There are two cases. When an applicant invites a relative or acquaintance to Japan, and When an applicant invites a foreigner to Japan on business.
Destination of application is Japanese Embassy in own country. It is not immigration office in Japan.
Depending on a country, an applicant must apply through an appointed substitute company or travel agency.

Short Term Resident


  1. The visitor cannot perform the work with the profit in Japan.
  2. Documents to prepare for in Japan are important to application. Invitation reason documents are in particular point of the judgement.
  3. The applicant must illustrate the relations with an invitation person and the applicant by the reason documents in details.
  4. If a short stay is admitted, it is necessary to enter Japan within three months.


  1. In the case of disapproval, the visitor cannot enter Japan for the same reason for six months.
  2. When a visitor comes to Japan with a short-stay visa many times, an applicant is doubted by the Immigration office, and application may become the disapproval.
  3. When an applicant wants to perform extension (update) of a short stay, a considerable reason is necessary.
  4. The latest information appears in the homepage of the Japanese Consulate every country about the required document.

Additinal comments

  1. When a visitor wants to extend the permission of the short stay of the visitor, an applicant will apply for the update of the short stay.

A special reason is necessary.

  1. When a visitor gets sick, and treatment is necessary in Japan.
  2. When somebody of the family is hospitalized, and there is the special reason that a visitor must nurse
  3. When there are the special circumstances that must take care of the young grandchild. And the open ticket for returning home is necessary, too.
Short term resident Fee list
  • Short term resident Fee list

Request to a customer
My office make a stay schedule, written reason and details report for short-stay visa application.
Guarantor in Japan needs to collect some documents.
Please send all documents to local visa applicant.
The visa applicant goes to Japanese Embassy or the consulate with a passport, application documents, other documents, and it is necessary to apply.

Short Term Resident 20,000JPYEN
For one person of the family +10,000JPYEN

・A consumption tax is not included in the price mentioned above.

・In addition, to the price mentioned above, an additional charge may incur.(Example: when applicant applied it directly once, and it was disapproval)

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